Symbology of the Body - Externally

Mouth: Communication/Material Consumption

We use the mouth to voice our positions and thoughts about particular things or situations. Digestion begins in the mouth. It is here that we begin to break down our food, symbolic of our material thoughts. Generally speaking, problems in the mouth indicate a difficulty in expressing self. Teeth are used to break down food. Symbolically, they grind thoughts into an acceptable form.

Tongue: Defense

The tongue, with its taste buds, is another defense mechanism. In terms of defenses, it is used to alert you to that which is harmful. It is also a part of your communication system.

Ears: Antennae

Ears are antennae. They pick up the thoughts, vibrations and sounds that will fulfill your expectations of yourself. They also allow you to hear what you want to hear in relation to other people, places and situations. They are part of the guidance system that allows you to hear the truth from within as well as from without.

Beard: Image

This can be a symbol of strength in your self-image, or it can be a defensive disguise to hide behind. More info

Face: Image

Your face is a reflection of how you see yourself. More info

Neck: Balance & Communication

Within the neck lies the voice box for communication. The neck supports the head. It connects the head, symbolic of the Spiritual plane, to the body, symbolic of the Material Plane. Therefore, it represents the need for balance between the two. A "pain in the neck" usually refers to an individual or situation that upsets your equilibrium. More info

Trunk: Material Plane

Your trunk, or body, is the realm of material absorption and utilization. It is also the area of all the supporting systems. In the body, all of your thoughts (food stuff), and the thoughts of others are digested and assimilated. Every system, organ and gland participates in this process. This participation ranges from the actions that the thoughts create to the reactions that you will take to handle the situation. To help you gain a better understanding of the completeness and thoroughness of the symbology of the trunk, we will examine the individual systems in the second poster, "Symbology Of The Body - Internally".

The Body

The body is the physical manifestation of the energies of both Spirit and Mind. It is a symbolic picture of the deeper inner (spiritual) and ego (man-made) thoughts in action.

Right and Left Sides

The right side is symbolic of spiritual thoughts and actions, representing the future and faith in Self. It is considered the female aspect of the Self. The left side deals with the Material considerations and represents the male aspect of the Self.

Male and Female Aspects

The male aspect of Self is your outward expression of who you are. It is that part of you that you draw on when you need courage and confidence. It is your ambition and motivation. The female aspect of the Self is the inner connection that allows for the insights, perceptions, and the intuitive "knowings" that you need to make decisions and choices. It also is that part of you that draws from the Creative Continuum. It is taught that man is whole, but not complete. Woman is complete, but not whole. This is the indication that the two are necessary to become one.

The Head: Spiritual Plane

All thinking is done here. It is the realm of thought and creativity. It is the dwelling place of the Mind/Spirit. Headaches are symbolic of doubt at work. The opposite side of doubt is confidence. In every very situation you will exude one of these two energies, doubt or confidence.

Hair: Strength

The image that hair provides plays a major part in our acceptance factor. It is an integral part of how people see you, as well as how you see yourself. If a symbol relates to you, at this point in time, it is because of your current Belief System. You were taught man-made Concepts of how your life should be. Those Concepts nurtured conditions within your body. More info

Eyes: Perception

It is through your eyes that you view your immediate situation, family, friends and yourself. What is the Belief System that you use to view the world?

Nose: Spiritual Intake

Through the nose, you draw into the body the "breath of life". It is another part of the defense system. It can tell you when something is offensive, unhealthy and should be avoided. Everything is a symbolic reflection of thought. Detrimental thoughts themselves often pass through this defense mechanism. Man-made Concepts give a thought the appearance and "smell" of being wholesome and worthwhile.

Symbology of the Body - Internally

Liver: Converter & Protector

The liver's main function is to produce glycogen (sugar). It is the essential fuel for the cells. It also cleanses the blood and acts as a chemical converter. It seeks to nullify the potential harmful effects of toxins through conversion to harmless substances that can be eliminated. This should be done with thoughts. Thoughts, as well as waste, have the potential to cause great stress, disharmony, disease and death to the body. More info

Bladder: Storage & Maturity

The bladder is also symbolic of control and maturity. When you learned how to control your bladder you stepped into a new realm of growth and maturity.

Endocrine System: Glands/Regulators

When a problem arises within this system, you need to look at the specific glands and seek your understanding there.

Pituitary: Growth

This gland plays a major role in the production of hormones and enzymes, the growth of the body and sexual development. The sexual act is tied to concepts of expression, creation and creativity.

Thyroid: Growth & Balance

Symbolically, the thyroid is affected by attitudes stemming from image and expression. It plays a part in balance between the material and spiritual considerations. More info

Parathyroid: Balance

This gland maintains normal blood levels, and regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Blood is symbolic of spiritual life. Calcium is symbolic of strength. Phosphorus is symbolic of inspiration.

Adrenal: Courage, Strength & Inspiration

Symbolically, malfunctions with this gland would relate to areas of acceptance, handling, tolerance and the ability to grow within a situation. Furthermore, the ability to blend into the energies that surround you is also affected. More info

Pineal: The Third Eye

Many psychics use this gland to channel energy into a more spiritual perception of life.

Thymus: Immortality

The thymus is symbolic of the defenses, the protective barriers you erect to protect yourself from others, but they limit, hamper and wall you in, preventing you from expressing your true Inner Self.

Prostate: Aid in Reproduction & Control

In males, the prostate gland is affected by Concepts that deal with expression of manhood and self-image. More info

Organs: They Make It Happen

In the organs, you convert the electrical energy that is generated by thoughts into kinetic energy, the energy of motion.

Skin: Sensitivity

Sensitivities to life are expressed here. The way you think influences how you are "touched" by situations and how you react to them. More info

Reproductive Organs: Expression

These organs are symbolic of how you view yourself unconsciously. More than any other set of glands or organs, these "speak" the loudest from one point of view. They deal with your ability to express yourself as a person. They deal with how you look and act. More info

Respiratory: Utilization of Spirit (Air)

The respiratory system feeds the blood with fresh live food, oxygen and all of the "hidden" foods that are a part of the air, symbolic of Spirit. More info

Lungs: Spiritual Assimilation & Cleansing

Through the action of your lungs you receive the breath of life. You inhale what will nourish and sustain you. You exhale what is used and is no longer beneficial, that which would cause harm, damage and possibly death if kept within the body. The same can be said for misconceptions of truth, or man-made Concepts. More info

Circulatory System: Utilization of Spiritual Thoughts

Blood is symbolic of the Spiritual life that exists within. Blood gathers nutrients, symbolic of thoughts, from your lungs and intestines, and carries these nutrients to all parts of the body. More info

Heart: Emotions & the Forces Upon the Plane

The heart is considered the love center, the emotional center. Emotions are difficult to control. The force they exert can be so subtle that it is overlooked as an energy that can cause damage to the body. By having a particular emotion, you may bring certain stresses and strains upon the body. More info

Digestion: Utilization of Material, Man-Made Concepts

The digestive process is symbolic of how one deals with the thoughts that one is presented. Thoughts that are not acceptable, for whatever reason, could cause digestive distress. More info

Stomach: Digesting Thoughts and Emotions

It is here that you break down your food (thoughts) into a liquid (material life), so that it can be further digested and used as nourishment and rebuilding material.

Pancreas: Regulator

As a regulator, it helps deal with the "sweets" of life. Many people suffer from pancreatic disorders because they cannot handle or accept the sweet or finer things in life, or they over-indulge in the finer and sweeter things in life.

Intestinal Tract: Absorption & Protection

Malfunctions occur when a person chooses, at a subconscious level, not to accept or utilize the nutrients because of the symbolic value of the nutrient. Another problem is when the person chooses to expel all material from the tract. Again, no nutritional benefit is achieved. Rapid expelling of material usually occurs when certain thoughts are so unacceptable that the body seeks to reject them. More info

Elimination: Utilization of the Cleansing Aspects

This process helps eliminate useless and toxic waste that would poison the body to the point of death. Life is to be lived in a state of absorption, utilization, and elimination. The physical processes within the body are a symbolic reflection of that complete cycle. More info

Kidneys: Cleanses & Balances

Kidney disorders indicate a spiritual cleansing problem. Some concept or idea about material life is not being given up in the mind. This means that you are maintaining the Concepts and ideas that are polluting your body/life. They have the potential to kill you. More info